The COVID-19 killing mask
Certified active kill of COVID-19 virus particles
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Kills 99.99% COVID-19 viruses
tekFABRIK TM stops and kills viruses
Activated Outermost and innermost layers that are infused with IS 212 Molecule proven to kill Virus and Bacteria
6 layers of particle filtration
In addition to tekFABRIK TM, the mask also has spun bond and melt blown layers to ensure air filtration
Reusable up to 30 washes
Using our maintenance protocol
Designed for comfort
100% cotton makes it easy to breathe and conducive for usage even in tropical conditions
Active viral kill with tekFABRIK TM
I-Shield has developed a revolutionary technology where it can covalently link antiviral molecules to cotton fabric (and other surfaces) resulting in tekFABRIK TM. These molecules remain bound to the cotton surface for at least 30 washes thus enabling reusability of the activated tekFABRIK TM.

The current Covid-19 global pandemic is caused by “SARS-COV2” virus which belongs to the class of “Coronaviruses”. These viruses belong to family of “enveloped virus” where the envelop is made up of lipid bilayer. The IS212 is a broad spectrum virucidal molecule whose charged groups puncture the virus envelop. If the envelop is ruptured, the virus loses infectivity.
Relentless global impact
The most impacted country, United States, has over 2.5million confirmed infections - with over 7.8million confirmed globally. The only way to get a hold on the devastation is to prevent transmission, and masks are a proven way to do that.
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Last updated on 30th June 2020 at 11:01pm
Revolutionary bonded fabric technology
I-Shield has developed revolutionary technology where it can covalently link antiviral molecules to cotton fabric, resulting in tekFABRIK TM. This allows us to create an incredibly protective six layer mask, with the layers protecting you inside and out.
  1. tekFABRIK TM
    Outermost layer - IS212 activated 100% cotton
  2. Spun bond for droplet prevention
  3. Melt blown for air particle filtration
  4. Melt blown for additional air particle filtration
  5. Spun bond for droplet prevention
  6. tekFABRIK TM
    Innermost layer - IS212 activated 100% cotton
Results proven in reputed labs
tekFABRIK's TM efficacy has been tested and proven in reputed labs in India and the USA. Read more about the science and tests behind Infectionshield Biotechnology
University of South Florida Tested for efficacy on RSV/respiratory which is similar in nature to coronavirus
Mynvax Tested for efficacy on RSV/respiratory virus, similar in nature to coronavirus
Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology IS212 treated fabric was able to neutralize 99.99% of influenza A virus (H1N1) and SARS-CoV-2
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms Demonstrated efficacy of IS212 treated fabric on Lentivirus (lab model for enveloped virus)
Apart from its virucidal properties, IS212 treated fabric has also demonstrated bactericidal activities on both types of bacteria, viz., gram positive (S. aureus) and gram negative (K. pneumonia). It has a 99% bacterial kill rate in under 10 minutes.